Coming to a City Near You!

This spring, twelve summits will be held at strategically located cities around the United States. We invite you to find the nearest location to receive the training, tips, and best practices needed as you transition to PDGM.

March 30, 2020 Boston Area, Massachusetts     Register
March 30, 2020 Seattle, Washington     Register
March 31, 2020 Kansas City, Missouri     Register
March 31, 2020 Charlotte, North Carolina     Register
April 1, 2020 Riverside, California     Register
April 7, 2020 Houston, Texas     Register
April 7, 2020 Columbus, Ohio     Register
April 7, 2020 Orlando, Florida     Register
April 7, 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah     Register
April 8, 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana     Register
April 8, 2020 Minneapolis, Minnesota     Register
April 14, 2020 Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania     Register

Commercial Support

If you’re interested in providing commercial support for the PDGM National Summits, please contact Christopher Adams at cta@nahc.org or 202-547-7424 ext. 3314.